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Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Scotty grew up watching his mother in the kitchen whipping up meals during family gatherings and his father on the grill as the neighborhood purveyor of smoke. Experiencing this rich culinary environment as a child helped develop his love for cooking.

After law school, the corporate grind and years of cooking for friends and family, he decided to turn his passion for cooking into more than just a hobby.


Cook Drank Eat began as a way to promote his personal chef services and pop-up events and eventually evolved into an ever growing social media enterprise. The goal with CDE is to push the envelope of cooking videos by incorporating both music and humor into videos that entertain as well as instruct.


Featured In

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Meg Thee Stallion/ Flamin Hot Cheetos

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Brand Partnerships

  • LG

  • Stuffler

  • St Pierre

  • T-Fal

  • Wild Fork

  • Route 83

  • Kroger

  • Kingsford

  • Churches

  • Caulipower

  • Life Way

  • Smuckers

  • Waybetter

  • Tums

  • Suvie

  • Kamikoto

  • Black and Decker

  • Knorr
  • Kitchen Aid

  • Highland

  • Facebook

  • Panera

  • Dairy Max

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